New Year…Gotta make some new resolutions, right?
Well I know that I will probably [Ok. Highly unlikely] not make come true…So this is more like..A guide of things that I’d like to accomplish in this new year..Here goes! :]
1. Graduate!!!- this one I know I’m gonna keep πŸ˜€
2. Buy a car- maybe, who knows right?
3. Let my hair get longer than its ever been-uhh i might get impatient lol
4. Me & Aaron go to Disney- we better its our Xmas present to each other
5. Get more toned
6. Get a tan-…..HA!
7. Get into college- God, I hope so.
8. Move in with Aaron- Oh, I reallly hope so. πŸ˜€
9. Party!!!
10. Start writing a book & even finish writing it- Highly doubting this….
11. Get into photography
12. Buy a camera- would help #11 lol
13. Stop procrastinating
14. Don’t get so cranky with Aaron-..Only sometimes…
15. Stop listening to Boogaard
16. Get more papers out- #15 would help this
17. Do well in college
18. GET A BETTER JOB!!!- For real.
19. Turn 18- Woo!
20. Write lots & lots & lots!

Okay. 20 seems reasonable..Not like all of them will be accomplished, but hey! Resolutions are always broken, at least I’m not expecting too much :]