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All I wanted was to get out more school papers in a year than has ever been done before. But now I know why its never been done, its not possible. Maybe it would have been possible if Mr. Friendly was still here. But with Boogaard..Nope. It’s not happening.
Its not that she doesn’t try, its just she simply doesn’t know what she’s doing. She’s told me that. That’s why I run around doing it!
But now, now I’m not even doing that! She’s got me working on the fucking middle school paper &, I’m sorry, it’s bullshit!
I’m in my fucking senior year & next year I won’t have any damn pieces to put in my portfolio to show people. Sure I can just put the whole thing in there & be like, “See that layout? See how all the articles are edited?  I did that.” But not a damn article. Because, again, I was getting everything fucking organized. Which is ironic as I stare around my paper strewn, clothes everywhere, I-know-exactly-where-everything-is mess of a room.

So, like I said to begin with, I’m over it.
I’m ready for college. A place without Boogaard. A place where creativity & sanity rule. How pleasant!