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This has nothing to do about the made up holiday that is Valentine’s day. Don’t get me wrong, I like Valentines Day, but its the original Consumer Holiday.
No, this is about how I finally came to realising something that I guess I worried about for no good reasson at all. Aaron loves me. Its not a new realisation, but I came to finally understand it. He wants me forever. We used to get into arguments, and I’d think, “Does he really want me as badly as I want him?” But now I know. He does. Now, we have spats but we get over them.
Like tonight, we were in Sonoco & he was bitching at me about always having to make the plan and a whole bunch of bullshit. And I, who am currently on my period, got bitchy and emotional. He rolled his eyes & we didn’t speak again till we got in the truck, mostly because after he rolled his eyes I got pissed. After we got in the truck and he asked what the fuck that was, I said, “I’m on my period. You changed the plan of what we were going to do, then expect me to think of what we should do instead.” He laughed and said, “Just because you get a period doesn’t mean you get a right to be weird one week every three weeks for the rest of our life.” 
Realisation is amazing.