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I log onto myspace, see a new message, go to inbox and see, “Do you hate me?” from a co-worker, soon to be ex-co-worker. Well, after a “What the fuck is this bullshit?!” moment, I opened it. Inside, and this only gets better, it says, “If so, why?”
Well, I’ll admit that this girl can kinda get on my nerves but I don’t hate her. So I click reply and write, “What the fuck is this? lol This is the most random thing to ask someone. No, I don’t hate you. But I find this message very odd.”
How insecure can you possibly be to ask someone thats never said they hate you and acts quite nice to you if they hate you? She’s only worked there for a few monthes too. Its not like we were tight or anything close to that.
Its sad really. I mean she found a new job, her last day at Coldstone is Saturday, and she’s concerned that the girls who work there hating her?
The only way I know how to respond to this is to shake my head, laugh, and to think how absolutely sad it is that she needs to ask people who she’ll probably never see/talk to again whether or not they hate her.
Oh, but then. I read a bulletin she posted that “Saturdays the last day with the bitches at Coldstone who hate me.”

Riiight, dear. Because your life is so awesome everyones gotta hate on it.
Please! Ha.
Good riddance, but thanks for the laughs. I’ll make sure to look at your, “Do you hate me?” message whenever I need a good chuckle. :]