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I love art. I love looking at paintings and wondering how the artist did it, and why they wanted to paint it. Why that moment was so awesome. Sometimes its obvious. Like Monet’s impressionism. I love how he just looked at things and painted the colors he saw. That’s another thing. I love color. Abstracts are fun to decipher. Like Picasso’s cubism period. Again, what drove him to do it?
Photography is another art form that I love! I’m always driving around and see just some random thing, like the way the sky looks or the way the light is reflecting and wish I had a freaking camera on me!!! Black and white photos are fun to play around with the light and shadows. I also really like when photographers take a photo in black & white but then its edited so one key color brings your attention to it making it the subject of the photo.
Mixed media is awesome. Making a collage with magazine clippings, ¬†than paniting over it, than adding photos, or adding words written over it. There’s just so much you can do with it!
Mosiacs, full wall murels, grafitti.. I could really go on and on. It’s best summed up by the quote:

A work of art is the unique result of a unique temperament.”-Oscar Wilde.