If you visit a place, do not act as if you can destroy it. Do not piss off the residents. Because we will yell at your damn asses! Do not leave trash on the fucking beach! You come here for a week, we live here. Drive. I seriously doubt you drive 10 under the speed limit where you live, so don’t do it here! If you don’t know where your going, pull over off the damn road. Don’t fucking walk infront of cars thinking its going to stop for you. Or if someone is walking across the street, at a corner where your SUPPOSED to cross, do not continue to drive, you moron. Locals will bitch your ass out. Stay at the fucking pier. No local goes there. Stop invading where we go to surf. You get hit by a surfboard, thats your own damn fault.
Basically what i’m saying is stop being idiots, who don’t know how to drive, who walk infront of moving cars, trash beaches, and think its appropriate to scream, “Heyy Shorty!” out of the passenger side of your friends car. Not cool.
If you can’t do any of these, then I have a little advice for you.
GO HOME!!!!!!!!!