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In today’s age, where music players are smaller than our hands and thin as ever, the deal of owning music is completely different than it ever has been! Cd’s are becoming obsolete, and more and more people are switching all their music over to digital copies. Everythings going digital! Music, television, even newspapers have switched to digital copies instead of printing a hard copy of it.
I depise this! I like being able to hold a cd and go, “Yea  love this album. It’s by this artist.” Now, though, I have my iPod. Sure, it stores tons of different music, which is awesome when I’m on the go. But I can’t hold up my iPod and go, “Yea I love this iPod it was made by this artist.” My iPod is amazing, but its my amazing personal sound system. People now are so much more fickle, selfish, and almost bratty. They want just this song or that song. Instead of buying the whole album to just have. It’s almost like a little kid going, “I want that! And that! No not that!! Gimmie gimmie gimmie!” It’s helpful to be able to have an iPod, but when people say, like a few people have said to me recently, that the cd will soon be a thing of the past it makes me think.
I have tons of cd’s that I absolutely love with songs that I love to listen to but don’t want to listen to every day. That’s why I have my iPod to store Iwant to listen to while I’m away from my cd’s. But to stop making cd’s all togethers a terrible idea! More people than just me like to have that hard copy of music in their hands. It makes me almost feel like people who clung to their old vynols, but so be it.
I have cd marathons where I try and listen to every cd I own. Taking away the cd would seriously piss me off! I don’t know how many more out there would be just as pissed, but I imagine I’m not alone.
So screw everything going digital! I want my stacks of cds!!!