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Who’s that girl standing at the bus stop?
She’s standing there with a smile upon her lips and music in her ears
It looks as if she’s moving her lips to the song and letting the lyrics and the music completely surround her so she’s in her own little world
Why is she standing there?
Where is she going? What does she see?
What is causing that smile on those sweet little lips?
Is it a person, could she be in love?
A thing, is that a new song she’s listening to? Is that wy she’s smiling? 
Or just nothing in particular except an overall pleasure from her world?

Oh these are the things I wonder if other people are wondering about me while I’m standing at the bus stop.
How do I look to you as I stand there letting the music control me as I go about my day?
Oh how I wish I could get into other peoples heads for at least a day.