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Running. That’s all she was ever doing. At the moment, she was panting and pushing herself to make it to the clearing. She knew it was safe there. But thats not where the running begins. Oh no, definitely not.

All her life she was pushing herself to do good. Amazing grades, no trouble. No, not the trouble child. That was her siblings. She was the easy child to deal with. Of course as she grew up and went to high school she eased off a little. Got into some trouble. Teen rebellion, normal. Still, comparing her to the three siblings before her, she was the easiest child for her parents to raise. But now she’s all grown up. Ready to jump ship and go to college. Oh, but the running. The continuous running thoughts, “How will you pay for this? How will you do this? What if you can’t do this? What will you do if you fail? You can’t fail!!” But as it keeps stressing her out, she keeps procrastinating. Thinking all the while, “I’ll do this. But I also have to do that. And this! And this!” It’s enough to make anyone crack.

So that’s how come she’s in the middle of the woods, running. Running away from reality for the night. She went to a party with some friends, like always. She kept thinking about money trouble so she walks off into the woods to clear her head a little. But as she kept walking, she kept thinking. But then she hears twigs break. She whips around to see a giant wolf behind her. Its staring her down. She’s shaking. She starts to back away. The wolf takes one step towards her and it has her running back the way she came. But she’s so scared and she’s still got the repeating, “You can’t fail! You have to do this,” on her mind that she can’t find her way! She turns around only once to see if she has lost the wolf, and sees nothing. But the only light is the moonlight being filtered through the overhanging leaves of the ancient trees, so she has no clue what could be lurking. Paranoia sets in. Then in the distance, she thinks she sees a light. Must be the campfire, she thinks. So she starts walking. As she walks she trys to clear her head. Think positive thoughts is what everyone tells her.

She thinks of the fun she’ll have in college. About how it’ll be nice to be able to do her own thing, to see her boyfriend whenever she damn well wants. That brings a smile to face and she quickens her pace. She thinks about how after she gets out of college that she’ll have a good job so she’ll actually be able to pay off whatever debt she acquires. She thinks about the looks of pride her family gave her when she said she was going to college. She remembers the way it was to open up that big envelope and see the words, “Congratulations! You’ve been accepted!” She’s jogging now, trying to reach the ever growing light. She thinks of all her friends going away to college. She thinks of how her best friend cried with joy and said she deserved it. How her best friend made her cry with all the memories she brought up. How her boyfriend looked at her when she said she got into the same school as him. The way his eyes lit up. She’s running now. Panting out air, she’s only steps from the inside of the clearing. She stops running and breathes. She steps into the light and calls out, “Alright! I’m ready for whatever is next!”