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She packs her life into these boxes.
These simple brown boxes that look extrodinarily  plain.
But inside, inside is a whole different story.
Hundreds of stories packed into a little brown box.
Like the shirt her boyfriend bought her after spilling soda on her at the movies.
The shirt she bought when she skipped school and got burnt as hell at the beach, but her mom never noticed.
The pants with the stain from the jello shot.
The necklace her Nana gave her.
The little fluff ball that her & her boyfriend called their love child back in the 9th grade.

Lots of memories.
Tons of time spent doing things that now we look back we can’t believe we actually did.
Life moves on.
Times change.
Gotta eventually pack your life into those simple brown boxes and move on.
You get rid of a lot of stuff.
You get new stuff.
But you always have the memories.