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You taught me to walk, talk, and how to act.
You helped shape who I am & what I’m becoming.
It’s the night before I leave for college and now you’ve got me in tears.
Not over a bitter argument, even though we’ve had our share.
No, you have me crying because I love you and I am moving away.
It’s time.
You & I both know it.
That’s why we both sat here and cried like babies.
That’s why tomorrow we’ll cry like bigger babies.
It’s not because it’s the end, but because it’s the beginning of something bigger for me.
You know you can’t be there for everything and you hate it.
But that’s why I’ll call, & then you’ll call when I forget to call.
You love me unconditionally.
I love you totally.
I know sometimes I don’t act like it, but I always will & always have.
Why wouldn’t I?
You’re my Mom.