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I’m sorry, I know I said I would write more.
I’m oh so sorry because I really do have much to say.
I wrote a paper on how you should act like a kid sometimes, followed by an amazing research paper on sexism.
Sadie and I ran through the sprinklers on the Greens, and tried to slip and slide across it. It didn’t work as well as we thought. She jumped in the fountain, I jumped on the side.
We posed on the world, and got our pictures taken in various poses with our statue of Ghandi.
We had many misadventures that we really shouldn’t talk about here.
Tons of long drives.
St. John’s Bluff is a lovely street at night.
Going to the hookah bar and watching Aaron smoke a whole hookah basically to himself. Oh, and snozzberries definitely taste like snozzberries.
I don’t believe I’ve ever heard anyone say, “Oh My God!” as many times as Aaron did that night.
Shopping with Sadie.
Sadie spontaneously deciding to get her left nipple pierced. Yes, well, it ’twas a sight to see.
And I must admit, dear blogging community, that I have been meaning to write.
But, you see, I’ve gone to college and craziness is in the air.
I’ll try and report as much as possible, but do excuse me when I get caught up in it myself.
Lots of love, always & forever,