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I know she’s 18, almost 19, so she’s allowed to make as many mistakes as she wants to, right? Not when it comes to Dumbass. She went through 3 fucking years with him. She said not all the times were bad, I can see that. But he screwed her over sooo many fucking times why on earth would she want anything to do with that..Dumbass! I know I can’t change her mind. I know I can only be there for her when she falls. But I want to scream at the fucking Dumbass that who the fuck does he think he is?! Doesn’t he realise she is so much better without him! That she was actually fucking happy!? He wants her to himself. So she can’t have her friends, or any sense of a normal fucking life. He’s fucking bipolar I swear! He sweet talks her! He wants to settle down, she doesn’t. She’s almost 19 & wants to kick people (you get to kick people when your 19) & party. Normal, normal, normal. She gets sucked in. She doesn’t know what she wants. He wants to make her mind for her. She needs to just cut the tie allll together. But she says its hard. They were together for 3 years. He used her. Easiest way to get over someone is to get them out of your life. Don’t talk to them. Don’t accept their calls. Just cut them out. Its hard as shit! But if you honestly know they’re bad for you, and don’t want to be with them when they aren’t sweet talking you into thinking you want to be with them, then doesn’t it seem like its for the best???? Because honestly, it just pisses me off to see my best friend put herself through the same shit again.