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Just watching him reminds you of every slow talking, southern gentleman, who has been known as a trouble maker at one point in their life that you’ve read about in countless books. The conceited sweetheart who has a natural sexiness about him that all the girls want. And sometimes I wonder how the hell I ended up with such an awesome guy. Sometimes I can’t believe that he could love me as much as he does. He always says I’m beautiful or hot at the oddest times when I don’t think I’m doing anything necessarily exceptional hot. I always ask him, “How?!” And he’ll just smile at me. How absolutely frustrating.
I overreact, quite often I guess. But I’ve never been one to be able to hide my emotions. Never ever. My plae skin, and green eyes are always a dead give away. It always annoys me that you can tell so easily.
But back to Aaron, I never knew what kind of guy I’d end up falling for and I never would have guessed I’d fall for a guy who could easily rock a cowboy hat, flannel shirt, blue jeans, and boots. And damn straight he’s got a belt buckle. its the persona he puts out sometimes. And then other times he acts so hyper and out there!
Only thing that really bothers me is when I get promised one thing and suddenly we end up doing something else. I don’t mind doing something as loing as we do what our plan before was also if possible in any way. But he always makes up for everything one way or another. No doubt he brings a smile to my face all the time. Whether i’m just thinking about im or when I’m with him. Sometimes I wish I could understand what he thinks about me. Lke not just what he actually says, but what he actually feels on the insideĀ and his thoughts about me that he doesn’t actually say. No good love story, or any story for that matter, is rarily the best from just one characters point of view. Knowing information from various characters would help everyone understand everyone in the scene.
Seriously. :]