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I like staying up late. I really do. I can still wake up when I need to the next morning as well, I just better have coffee in the morning.
I always feel as if I can get so much more accomplished at night then during the day. There are less people out, so I can go do whatever without places being crowded, and its more quiet then during the day. Plus, my personal opinion is that nighttime is sometimes prettier.
I do, however, like the sun as well. I was born and raised in Cocoa Beach, Florida so I have respect for the sun. Anytime the year when its hot out its nice to go to the beach and swim in  the ocean.
The beach is gorgeous at night. Whenever there is a full moon and no clouds, I wish I was at the beach. It’s so pretty, and the moon looks closer then usual. I’ve always wanted to go to the beach with someone I love and just sit underneth the full moon and be together. Maybe even have a late night picnic. It’d be absolutely lovely.
I know I really should not stay up to 4 am, but sometimes I cannot help it. I like my late nights, where I can lay in bed, listen to music, write, or just be really lazy and play facebook games for a lot of the night.
It’s my time, and I love it. ♥