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I have been painting more the past couple days then writing. [go to the Works In Progress tab to see photos of my recent projects in the beginning stages and when I finished them.] Painting soothes me, calms me down when I’m upset or angry, and I just love it.
Every once in a while an art project or two will pull me in and make me work on it until I’m done. I might not be a great painter, but I enjoy it. I love blending colors, trying new techniques and new mediums.
Anything can really be made into art or can be considered art. Its just the manner that you look at something or use something.
I always have music on, but music is extra important when I’m painting. Since the music I listen to reflects the mood I’m in, the same is true for the art I’m creating.
I use a lot of color!
Only things that I usually like to be kept black & white is when I do sketches.
I have a good set of soft graphite sketch pencils that blend well, but I wish I had a charcoal set.
I love love love sketching with the soft graphite pencils and then using the charcoal to go over and cause shadow & light, depth, and to add extra darkness that a graphite pencil alone cannot create.
Sketching people is the best with charcoal.
Usually I paint with just acrylics, but I’m home for the holidays and do not have my paints with me. I do, however, have a set of watercolors with me. Watercolors aren’t normally my favorite, but with my last two paintings [see tab] I love the effect that they gave to what I had imagined.
Thats what I love, and sometimes hate, most about any art project; the challenge of getting what you see in your mind as what you want to paint and then getting it on the paper. I hate it sometimes because sometimes it feels impossible and then I get frustrated because I can’t get it perfect in the way that I see it perfectly in my mind.

I hope you go look at my paintings, and keep coming back to see what new photos I post. I love feedback, so leave whatever thoughts that you wish to. Thanks! :]