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Maybe it’s because of my hippy mom who installed in me from a very young age respect the Earth, and  don’t fuck with Nature, but I love Earth Day. I love trees, and parks, and wish I didn’t live in such a marshy state not to mention a city, so that i could be around beautiful forests.  In elementary school Earth Day meant planting a tree on campus or walking down to where there was going to be a new oak planted. It got us out of school. into nature, and hey free day.

High school was a different story. nothing really big about it. They were all too busy trying to turn us into successful future leaders to do anything that really made us think of protecting our environment—unless, of course, it meant we’d get volunteer hours for doing it. And, yes, in high school we had a lot of shit going on, so it’s somewhat understandable.

But now that I’m out of high school, I want to see more of this Earth so that I can further appreciate this Earth for all that it can be.

I like how this year there has been more media attention, and celebration maybe, of Earth Day. We live here, we should respect here. Or else, how will we continue to live here?