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I’m taking summer A at UNF, and I’m taking this class called Art History. We have a whole class group project going on the whole time, its due on final day. We have to create an online museum exhibition catalog, write at least 750-1000 words about the piece, include photos, where it is, where it has been, and description of item.

The professor just split us up abc order into groups of 7. He gave us time to get together to start thinking about what our theme might be, how to get a hold of each other, and to just introduce each other since none of us really knew anyone else.

So, we’re thinking. We talk about maybe Egypt, or felines in Egypt. One of the girls suggests greek male nudes, and both of the guys in the group quickly vetoed the idea. Another one of the girls was flipping through our book Gardener’s Art Through the Ages:  The Western Perspective. Thirteenth Edition. Vol. 1. by Fred S. Kleiner and saw an image of cupid, or Eros. She said, “Oh! How cute! Cupid!” We then thought about, and decided upon doing Art of Greek Gods and Goddess’. We each choose a greek god or goddess to study the art of, pick a piece, research, and write a catalog. The Greeks that will be included in our exhibit, as of now, the picks are: Cupid, Poseidon, Athena, Hermes, Apollo, and I choose Artemis.

I originally thought about doing my project on Aphrodite, but as much easier as Aphrodite would be, Artemis’ myths have always been of some interest to myself because I’ve read a few and sadly, one time I took one of those lame online quizes to find out which greek god or goddess best identifies and I got Artemis. Artemis is the Goddess of the Hunt and of the Wilderness. She is also considered the Goddess of the Moon as her twin, Apollo, is the God of the Sun.

I’m still looking at other myths with other gods or goddess’ for a couple of days, but monday if I haven’t found any other myth that I really want to do and can find an art piece made within the time span of 30,000 BCE-1400 BC. I should be able to find, something. I have class today and I’m going to ask my professor for better website sources for looking up pictures. But then again I still need to use the one website he gave us. Might just save questions for Monday, if I still have questions then.

But! Anyone who has good information on Artemis, like you know actual museums that hold art pieces with Artemis as the subject matter. Paintings, sculptors, reliefs, tapestries, pottery, whatever. Links would be amazing. But if not just the name of the museum. Or just the name of the art piece if you happen to know it! :]]

I’m really excited. It’s actually a pretty interesting assignment. Get to find a piece of art you like within a time period and then investigate and write about it. Maybe it is not the most exciting thing to catalog a million things, but the first time will be fun. 😀

Leave comments! I’ll post more posts as I do more with the project.