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And so it seems that my humble blog that I started long ago has updated in quite a few ways while I’ve been away.

Reminds me of Tumblr, but still with a much more literary, intelligent pull.

It’s been awhile since I’ve written a post and so it goes that this poem is starting out rusty.

But the poem style is only for my benefit, since most of the hits I still get on here

are still for my art history catalog project I did as a Freshman.

I’ll be a Senior this coming Fall,

with an English degree and a novel I’m working on.

Don’t worry, I’m working on the career plan.

Like anyone is there.

But you are, that casual homepage viewer,

to you I say, “Hello!”

and as you can be anyone especially the you who is reading this, I especially mean You.

But on I go, into a ramble, so let me come to me point.

I’ll try and write more often.