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i love you;

it’s quite clear,

I am not quite like you, as you are not quite like me,


we enjoy each others company and thought stream.

Annoyances, they occur,

as you have always said I can argue through a brick wall and your as stubborn as solid stone,


love endures and we see the cares we take for each other.

You are asleep, it’s only 9:30pm.

I cannot sleep, it’s only 9:30pm.

You know I’m a writer; I type away into the night, paint the stories I see in my head, and edit away at things that have already been written.

I know you are a hardworking construction type; early rise, early asleep, unless something special is occurring, and always awake again to help the ones you love.

You work hard; I find you so sexy due to your strength, intelligence, and so much more.

You love that I’m creative, respect that I have night hour ways, and can’t wait to read by books.

I’m half-drunk on wine,

so excuse me if I can’t help but rewind,

and finish this as I began;

I love you.