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This blog archives some of my poetry along with the random & lyrical prose that I produce for content. I also have a page on here called My Art that has chronicled past art projects I have been, or had been, working on. That page has not been updated in what seems like forever, even though I’ve made much art since then. But now, with the series of blogs in conjunction with HashtagOctothorpe that will start after this post, Words From Paint takes a large 18×24 acrylic painting I finished March 2012 and accompanies sections with narrative fiction, poetry, and microfiction.

Excess Paint Expanded.

The text that goes along with the pictures is not supposed to fix the meaning of the images, but instead to open up the interpretation of what could be. The stories are just one story that could go with each scene. Later perhaps I will come back and create entirely new stories for each section of images, but for now they stand as influenced stories to expand the meaning of the paint.

I will reblog the finished link to HashtagOctothorpe when it is up.