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coffeeWe torture ourselves with the boundaries of time.

Hours & seconds of years run together

to form decades measured in memories

and rentable clichés.

Empty cups and stacks of paper.

Vivid ideology versus subtle meaningpages.

Author as trapeze artist balancing

Originality & Influence

over the snapping, salivating jaws of the Media.

Was it the Red Queen who replaced the white rabbit’s carrot

with the pocketwatch to make him ever anxious of the time?

Or did he find it hopping through the woods and thought

it made him ever so sophisticated?

penSophisticated like a man luxuriously writing scroll after scroll

of essays of his thoughts for the mere pleasure of the calligraphy.

Comparable to a flower, the man’s continuous thoughts are baby’s breath,

there to fill in when content isn’t the main concern.

True writing spawns from cultivating the prim rose prose

that springs forth in the cracks of daily life’s time-table.