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I finished my first full length manuscript that I am on the hunt to get published as a paperback!
E-book too, but I want to get something of mine in print. And it’s not fiction, it’s conceptual poetry! What a twist! I started writing it as a silly constraint to entertain me as I read Postmodern American Poetry Second Edition anthology to update myself before I spoke with a poetess about Flarf poetry. The result is 114 stanzas created from words used in 114 poets’ poems. Each stanza having as many lines as poems were included for each poet. The most lines in one stanza was thirteen. The smallest stanza is one line.
I have communicated with the editor of the anthology I used as reference & sent him a copy of the manuscript. It’s like my baby is running across country: both a proud moment & a moment of unbelievable fear.
Although I most just write poetry-like things on here, my main writing is fiction; long, random bursts of prose, nano, flash, or short stories.

As I sit here eating pizza, & writing this through the WordPress app, I am thinking of how things have changed. I graduate with my BA August 2nd. My resume has been primed for me to start submitting it, & I want to take care of me & bf’s house.

Times they are a-changin’.