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Circles building, words languishing, and views of people blurring back and forth like birdies flying around your head.
Days are passing.
Mischiefs are managed.
yet they always panic because they forgot to set the alarm
But no, that can’t be the problem. That’s too simple.
The boxes are piling, the paper is weighing, and yet the words still aren’t satisfied.

Constantly shifting between this & that
while keeping each of their interests straight in my head.
Keeping in one game while chasing myself into a new one while I am still in curve one of the greater race. Gotta hold out hope it isn’t just a 50 yard dash–I’m ready to go the scenic route.

Lots of copy! Lots of paper! Lots of names! Lots of style!
Maybe just not your style. Words are the game, the race, the greatest prize, and the highest honor. Composing them carefully or letting them flow free & wild & obscene. Exploring the imagination to build creative profile and a work style.

Keeping my head true to fiction, but starting out fresh with my old friend nonfiction journalism.

What was that old girl scout saying?

Make new friends, but keep the old. One is silver and the other is gold.

Guess that can be said about my old friend the written word. Just trying out different genres & enjoying them each as I write more & more.