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Logged in to see that it was 5 years ago, in a boring high school class as my 17-year-old self created this blog as a place for my words. Let’s see what has changed:

  • Graduated High School
  • Got into college
  • Focused on what I love; literature and creative writing.
  • Have four notebooks with notes for four books
  • many completed short stories
  • many poems
  • created a multimedia poetry project (See: Words From Paint link)
  • Finished a manuscript for a poetry book
  • Graduated from college with a BA; in four years
  • Internship at a magazine publishing company
  • Hired as the Assistant Editor for the magazine publishing company
  • helped launch brand new magazine, First Coast magazine, along with the three other magazines we put out
  • go on photo shoots a lot
  • coordinate and assign stories
  • write articles
  • edit
  • grown up things

yeah, that’s why I haven’t posted as much as I used to.

Please stay tuned.

Thanks for sticking around.

Time flies, man.