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Here I am again in my favorite nook
looking out to a familiar scene

wondering why we never or why no one has ever put bubbles into that fountain

thinking of times with boyfriend to come

(ta-dunt-dun…i really need a drum kit to follow me around)

listening to librarians soft chatter

and an old mans breathing next to me as he slowly taps out an email

perhaps to his long-lost daughter

but i’m romanticizing things again

i’m pretty sure he is trying to figure out how to set up an online account

times are a movin’

things are changin’

life is pattering on

time is in so i can be paid

zines have been spoke of

fiction to be sent

pages turning and newspapers rustling

articles of beautiful cars being written

three blocks away my mom soaks into another episode of Gunsmoke

71 degrees Fahrenheit the day after Christmas, ahhh Florida I love ya

birds gliding on the wind

simple pleasures when you stop to look around.