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January, what bananas to think a good start would last so long, just two months into the new year

settled into february until it came to a skidding stop on the 27th.

like, “sorry, but we really can’t keep going.”

no, seriously.


jobs come and go. just gotta find my flow.

which is making me think i need a new space for a professional, creative take on literary work, to make my work.

i’ll keep this space as well. as my personal spout through longwinded phrases and the warped wrap of syntax that slow creeps over the lines and makes life seem so simple and direct and not happening in random sections and cause and effect projected into 3D.

oh baby, life is a joy.

let’s figure this out and take things where they are leading,

many avenues are open

[sorry for no posts in months. lots has happened and needed time to process.]