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Poem written during Face the Nation interview with Benjamin Netanyahu, Israel’s Prime Minister

Bombs blasting back and forth

This fight seems to have gone on for all time;

periods of peace being as fleeting as a thought through a mind.

I feel like a voyeur

watching your suffering across a screen

How will you know you’ve won?

I’m sorry, but there is no achievement in sight

Fluctuating between calm and threat

“Look I’m not going to go into the details, but sometimes people just want to kill you.”

The ideal to coexist

seems like a naive sentiment

in the face

of the destruction

on both sides.

Something crucial

seems to have been lost

in the details.

Rebuttal- a poem written after watching a follow up interview on Face the Nation with Palestinian Ambassador to the US Maen Rashid Areika

Fighting over the right to be

People who are just living their lives and make it from day to day while the military and governments and storms of hate rage in violence that upheave any sense of peace:

I have the utmost respect for your bravery to carry on.

I worry like hell about the constantly   increasing amounts of worldwide anger and violence.

I am constantly reminded of the variety of emotions and experiences humans go through everyday.


with all its tumultuous curves,

is baffling; how can there ever be complete, world-wide peace when you consider we all have a right to seek our desires.

But why do so many believe violence and rage against another is the only way to reach their goals?

Editorial- an afterthought

Forgive my naivety that the optimistic part of me believes we can all live together on this Earth.

The cynical side of me is darkly laughing as it watches people, groups, governments, parts of the world constantly war with each other.