About kels!



A creative writer with random urges toward poetry that gets posted here or written fanatically on the side of several pieces of paper before it is cultivated into a real piece. Poetry shouldn’t feel bad, it’s how my short stories, and longer stories start out as well. And my paintings or drawings, they all start as random notes it seems. Working on four novels–two have been getting most of the attention. Short stories are brewing. If you’ve ever felt like your head is permanently stuck in text, then your probably an English/Literature major and I feel your pain just like I cannot fathom how people live without books. I started this blog in high school as just a place to sometimes post, now I’m mostly through college and like having this as an extra release for my words while still maintaining enough rant steam to power my way through whatever is ticking me off or making me excited, or stressed. Comments on my writing is always accepted, though agreement might not follow, but bring on the discussion/argument. Thanks for the curiosity! :]

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