My Art

Things on this page will be random art projects that I start. When I finish a piece, I will also post a photo. I love comments on my art, so please go ahead and comment away. Keep watching, I’ll try to post a lot of new things. Sometimes I might publish art that I have already finished, but that are favorite pieces of mine. Thanks! :]

Random Fairy that I started drawing Christmas Day 2009 2:08 a.m. Just needs paint now.

Random “fairy” that I finished Christmas Day 2009 at 3:45 p.m. Final product is watercolor, sharpie, pencil and pen on thick paper.

Inspired by a painting I saw on google image called the “Celtic Fairy Tree” and this is my version of it. Started 12/25/09. This ones going to take a lot of work. I’ll keep working on it.

“Celtic Fairy Tree” finished 12/27/09 12:15 a.m. Watercolor. Painting is my version of the celtic fairy tree that I saw on google images.

This painting started as a swirly blue background for my final project for the Lit class I took this semester, right after finishing the presentation I ripped the tape off and started a painting that I just had fun with. I finished this 4/21/2010 and named it “Midnight Moment.”

I then did something that i fucking hated myself for, and thank goodness, I could fix it well enough that it looks good now too. What I did was, after signing my name on the painting, I started looking at it and then I stated painting on it…Then I flipped out and now it looks good again,

I renamed this picture because it is not the original that I named, “Midnight Moment,” that sadly can only be seen in the pictures I took of  it. This picture is called, “Midnight Moment Changes,” which also was finished on 4/21/2010

Two Feathers“Two Feathers” 6/6/2010. signed first 4/2010, but after the paint dried I could still see the pen line I drew for reference for the oval of the gold and silver. So I added more layers of paint, details, and shading. Now it is complete. :]]

one side of the lampshade I painted for my mom

Long time no post here! This just one side of the beautiful lamp shade I painted my mom. This side is the Mountains at sunrise. Acrylic on stretched canvas. Looks pretty when lit.

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