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caveHe didn’t know what kept attracting him to the cave.

The first time it was a refuge from the rain when he sprained his ankle hiking.

The second time had been a romantic weekend for two.

The third time he was alone, until he lost himself in the stars.

That was the time he carved the lion with the flowing mane into the stone of the lionentrance.

He felt the place needed a change from him in way of adornment.

On his fourth visit, he found a crack in the back wall boulder.

He picked at it until the entire stone crumbled into a pile of sand.

Stepping through the portal, he encounters a golden chamber.

Curiosity & awe led him through.

Strange & familiar symbols were etched into the luminous walls.

The limestone floor was carpeted with moss-soft under his feet.

Jade stalactites hung over his head, but he continued to the exit that grew with every step,

until finally he stood outside the cave in a scene of natural splendor.

eyeA waterfall rushed down next to the opening, but his eyes were focused on the eye in the sky. The eye had replaced the sun in the sky, but put off just as much light.

Unlike the normal sun he was used to, he could stare continuously at it without hurting his eyes.

He thought it strange, but he felt better when he stared at the eye.

He tested his theory by trying to look away, but he couldn’t.

He sat where he came out of the cave.

As it got later in the day, the Eye’s light dimmed,

but it stayed the same visible gold, purple, and green.

fireA fire started in front of him, and fish flopped in his lap.

He did not move from his gaze of the Eye.

A cup sat next to his hand to drink from the river, but he never picked it up.

He had never felt better. He knew if he kept watch of the Eye he could explore any thought, any topic, any memory he might have.

Only thing was, whenever he started to think they all turned into thoughts about the Eye.eye 2

He just sat there, and stared at the Eye.

Perhaps he is still there.

But he for sure didn’t see the strange wave of color flying through the sky that

Turned back around when it smelled him.

A portion broke from the group and curled and wriggled in glee and hunger.

Maybe the Eye came through for him when he gave in.color wind